You are the driver on this journey

Whether you are experiencing physical, emotional pain or both, it all has a tendency to blur together doesn’t it?

roller coasterLike a wild and loopy roller coaster ride, the physical pain creates the emotional distress and the emotional pain creates the physical distress. You feel helpless and out of control. You don’t know what is coming next or when the nightmare will end (if it will at all). It’s just rough. At least that’s how it happens at first. Until YOU decide to take control.

Your mind is a marvelous supercomputer, capable of accepting new programming all the time. ¬†And whether you believe it in this very moment or not, you CAN push through the pain, it doesn’t have to hurt {all the time} and the more you commit to taking control, the quicker and easier it becomes to get through the shit-storm that you feel trapped in.

All you need to do is remember that you are the driver along your own journey.

You can put whatever destination you want into the GPS. You can stay on the path or travel outside and find your way back.

AND..if you wish to stay parked, wallow in your pity and see if the hurricane picks you up, it probably will.

Likewise, if you want to put that baby in overdrive, slam the pedal to the metal and gun it – to avoid the hurricane, you CAN!

And most of the time…you will {avoid the hurricane} if you push hard enough.

This is your life, your journey and you drive the vehicle.

You create your reality. We all do. The first step is to make a FIRM decision about what that reality will be.

So what do you want? Ask yourself this and share your story below. We will see what we can do to help you through this one.


Author: Freedom Fighter

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