Just when you think all is lost

It’s incredible how desperate you can feel when you believe you have hit rock bottom.

hitting rock bottomIt’s like shit hits the fan and you don’t know what to do accept bury your head in your hands, put your tail between your legs, run for cover or beg the universe for solutions.

Yet, little do you know – YOU are the solution. You have all the answers within, you always did and what is to be will be whether you think you have something to do with it or not.

We truly do bring everything upon ourselves. The good, the bad and the ugly.  Our lives are our own creation.  We are one with everything at all times accept when we believe that the superficial world is all that we truly have and the answer to everything.

It is not.

We are the answer.

The sooner we figure this out the better. The sooner we realize that our wishes and intentions shape our futures the sooner we can see that every thought and every word forms the path ahead.

Even if it takes years to manifest the outcomes, they are ours to produce.

So where am I going with all this…it’s simple.

When/if you hit rock bottom, instead of wallowing in the pity of it it – why not step up and recognize that not only is it your creation but that you have control over how long you stay there too.

Only you can take action on what is “in the moment” and what “is to come”.

You built the path you are on and you will build the rest of it.

If you truly believe that your dream life looks very different from it is at this moment, and you hold on to that vision and only that vision – having faith and conviction that it will become your reality – it will be.

I can promise you that.

After 2+ years of circling the bottom myself, I see now that it was my own creation and I see exactly why.

Without sounding too ethereal – I do have to admit that I knowingly asked (the universe) for the gifts that I am about to receive (just over 2 years ago) and I knowingly accepted that I may experience some loss on the way to receiving those gifts.

Although I was not at all clear on every aspect of my requests – nor did I truly believe  that I was making a sacred vow to honor my part of the bargain,  I asked and the universe started to deliver.

maze of life

The universe and I worked collectively together to place and move numerous obstacles in to / out of my way so that I could learn how to fight for my gifts and prove that I was truly committed to doing all that it takes to get them.

Through the maze I traveled;  hitting walls, turning back around, feeling defeated and feeling lost…but never gave up. Even at the toughest point…when it seemed to be a neverending struggle to find my center again – I refused to give up.

Believe me, I had some very close moments where I thought it was inevitable that all would be lost, but I pushed through those pains.

Then, finally this month, I saw the gifts I had asked for.

I have not only seen them, but I have also touched them, felt them and breathed real life into them.

They are mine (to share with my loved ones) and they are here, now.


The choices I make from today forward will dictate how quickly I receive them, but they are real, they are here and they are not only the reward for all the pains I have suffered – but the true manifestation of my wishes.

To know this and to recognize that it is my creation (all of it), is a very powerful thing.

So my closing wish to you today , is that you too wake up and reflect on what you have asked for – so that you can open your eyes and see that where you have been, where you are and where you will end up are all part of the maze of life you created.  No one accept you can do navigate it.  Every other being is traveling in their own maze.

It’s up to each of us to find the center, in our own ways. In short…

If you seek the light (at the end of the tunnel/maze), you must look within.

The answers are all there, the future is already written.


Author: Freedom Fighter

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