The Carpe Diem Experiment

comfort-zoneI woke up this morning feeling rather compelled to tell a little story about the personal journey we are all on.  It was prompted by a shattered dream one of my loved ones experienced yesterday.  I felt his pain, I truly did, but I needed him to know that there is more to this than what he may be thinking today.

I needed him to know that this too shall pass. So this story is dedicated to you DayDay…and I do look forward to seeing you come out on top of this one.

A tribute to your journey.

Some of us spend our entire lives working towards one end goal…ie: to do what we love most. Some do it for the LOVE of it, while others do it to earn the highest possible status we can with it (such as to become a professional musician, dancer, athlete etc.).

Some of us commit to that goal in such a way that leaves us open to the possibility that what we would love most in the end, is not necessarily going to actualize, where others commit so fully that there is no other end in mind – making certain that failure is not an option.
In both scenarios – we have the option to meet and/or exceed our dreams but also to feel as if we failed at doing so.
How you see it depends entirely on your own perspective and how you choose to accept what is already written.
What compelled me most this morning however was the idea that maybe, just maybe what we think the journey and the end goal of it is – was never really the purpose of it to begin with.

Maybe, instead, our journey was only ever intended to inspire someone else to commit and achieve to the same things we were, but better.

…..It could be a parent, a coach, a *sibling*, a friend or many people.
Or maybe, the lifelong commitments we make in that journey are meant to prepare or propel us towards similar or related journeys – that can only be accelerated by the skills we learn, the character we build, the relationships we create and all the other valuable life lessons that come with the previous experiences.

If these are REAL possibilities, then ANYTHING is a possibility.


Should that be true…our journey, the end result…it’s all a schrodinger experiment until it is officially observed as reality anyhow.

What we need to remember is this….

Change happens!

All the time. It is probably the single most certain thing in this world. It is as unstoppable as evolution – and rightfully so, the reason evolution occurs. They are one in the same.

>>>About the pain…

If a tree happens to fall in our path, if a link breaks in the chain, if a tragedy changes the course of history —- so be it. We cannot control that.

We can only control how we respond to it.

{This last statement is the most important life lesson we can ever learn}.

I myself, choose whenever possible, to deploy as much optimism as possible.

I am always looking for the silver lining.

Even assuming that maybe this change or that change prevented a personal tragedy of my own that would have otherwise done more than alter the path I took in the future. And in that instance, with that in mind, I switch from being sad about the pain, to becoming grateful.

It may take a little while to live in that gratitude and show it sometimes, but what I am working on now (that is making it easier to have that attitude of gratitude all the time) – is stoicism.

As my good friend Webster defines it; to be stoic is “to endure pain or hardship without a display of feelings and without complaint”.

Why stoicism?

Well, as I have come to learn with my early experiments…combining optimism with stoicism allows me to dramatically shrink the time it takes to recover from change.

I am It reminds me that what we focus on expands and that by choosing not to focus on hurt feelings, disappointment, resentment, the forever lingering WHY or WHY ME etc. — I instead get to focus on the exciting and infinite possibilities of WHAT’S NEXT?!

I never know what’s next, do you?

I have come to learn that even if I think I know, it can change in seconds.


Life is too short to wallow.

Life is too short to look back.

…There is no real point in either. What is and what will be, is already written. MAKTUB.

I say…have faith that everything really does happen for a reason, look forward to the day when those reasons reveal themselves to you – but don’t standby idle while waiting – instead seize the day, every day and start looking for that magic that was always around you when you were too busy worrying about what was and what could be.

I assure you THAT JOURNEY (Carpe Diem)…that is the one you want to be one.

Enjoy the ride.


Author: Freedom Fighter

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