The Weight Gain Elimination Equation

Gaining weight {unintentionally} just sucks!

It’s the truth. I admit it.

5 Simple Ways To Lose The WeightBut you CAN do something about it.  The question is, do you REALLY want to and  if so HOW BADLY? In this life, you get to decide. Regardless of any predetermined fate that is ahead of us, we are still in the drivers seat of how we respond to everything.

And yet while we are in complete control of most aspects of our life from our health to our wealth, this is one of those areas that seems to be the toughest to tackle. Isn’t it.

For example, as of the last weigh-scale reading this week,  I have now officially gained 25 pounds in the last 2 years! And NO, it’s NOT ok.  It’s downright depressing. But, I am fully aware that I have no one to blame but myself if I don’t get rid of it.   It’s my body and my choice whether to stay in this state and let it get worse. No one else decides that.

Awareness is key here.

Without getting into detail about how I got here (because I have already talked about it on previous posts); my objective is to put it all behind me.  I have to take control of my own life. It’s very hard, I know that. But I cannot let that be the reason I don’t do it.

So how exactly am I planning to do it?  

The same way I lost 20 pounds nearly 5 years ago.

Step 1: Awareness

Being aware that you are faced with a problem is always the first step in overcoming it.  You have to stay in that awareness though.  You cannot ignore it and pretend it’s not a thing. That won’t help you get over it.

Putting the scale on the floor and measuring yourself daily is very critical to staying in the know.

It’s also a great way to get yourself committed to change.

Step 2: Commitment

brainstorming weight loss planWhen you are aware and ready to do something about it, that’s pre-commitment.  But just like awareness, you have to stay in it in order for it to become something actionable in your life.  A great way to do this is to agree with yourself that you need to fully commit

I do this by brainstorming ways to take action and make a difference, then I weigh the pro’s and con’s as well as the reality of being able to do so – until eventually I have a solid plan to move ahead with.

Some items to brainstorm are:

  1. Changing your diet (make it realistic and doable and discover how, what, where, when etc)
  2. Starting a dynamic exercise plan (so that you can guarantee some sort of exercise takes place each day whether you are at home, out of home, at the office or on the go)
  3. Adding supplements (sometimes a little help goes a long way)
  4. Finding a partner (to keep you accountable)
  5. Joining a group; such as a running or walking group (increased accountability)
  6. Weight loss meditations (yes, they do exist and they are effective for many)
  7. Active visualizations (similar to meditation but not exactly the same, this is you going through the motions of doing your daily exercises – but in your HEAD…science has proven this to be equally as effective in getting results for a shocking number of people.  It’s also a great way to get into the mindset of belief; believing that you can get it done and get results).

What I have found is that it’s never only 1 thing that makes the difference.  A diet on it’s own isn’t enough. Exercise on it’s own isn’t enough. And so on.  Make a conscious effort to impact all areas and you will certainly see greater success.

Step 3: Action

weightloss calendarWhen you have a plan, you can action it. But once again, you have to stay in the zone in order for it to become something that resembles progress.  Points 4-7 in the previous list will definitely help keep you in action.  But adding your actionables to a calendar will also make a big difference; as will checking the calendar daily and being prepared to do as it says WHEN the alert comes up.

There are a number of great weight loss calendar templates online – including pre-filled templates that you can simply print and use.  I found a few great ones listed here on Pinterest.

Step 4: Mindset

I did recommend meditation and visualization in the brainstorming steps above and I do believe strongly in their effectiveness, but these are not the only methods to changing your mindset and they don’t work if you can’t calm your mind or stay positive when doing so.

A few great methods for getting into a readiness mindset (outside of mediation and visualization) are:

  1. Journaling motivational notes to yourself (believe me, it sounds corny but works)
  2. Listening to music (positive, hype music specifically)
  3. Reading positive quotes, articles or even books (I follow and share a lot of these on FB. You can too just by looking for pages that are committed to daily inspiration or motivation).

Step 5: Reducing Sugar and Yeast.

reducing sugarI realize that this is something that is most likely to come out of the “dieting changes” brainstorming you will do, but whether it does or not, it’s worth mentioning in its own step as these 2 are the worlds best known silent waistline killers.

In addition to this, they both contribute to increased health risks such as diabetes, arthritis, ibs and more (as seen here on Huffington Post Healthy Living).   Therefore, if you curb the intake and cravings thereof, you will  decrease many health risks and will have much better chances of rapid weight loss and massively increased energy in record times. Win, win right!?

A few quick tips for cutting these two ingredients out of your diet are as follows:

  1. Do not eat anything with added sugar. (Natural sugars are ok in moderation).
  2. Check the natural sugar contents before buying and ensure that what you buy has the lowest among its shelf-mates.  And if you MUST get something sweetened, try where possible to get it sweetened with Agave, Stevia or Cane Sugar only <- these seem to be the best with the least impact to your health overall.
  3. Try wherever possible to limit your sugar content to 15 grams per day or less. This is very challenging at first, but doable if you are always looking to lower the number.  Even getting close to this is better than not trying at all.
  4. Don’t eat any breads or baked products that contain yeast, wheat or gluten.  Ezekiel & Kamut Bread were my saving graces.

Hopefully with all these tips you should be able to push well past the pain of weight gain and fast track to your ideal weight sooner than you think.

Wish me luck as I work on doing the same.

Author: Freedom Fighter

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